Supercharged 3d car list

Supercharged 3d car list

These are the people who requested who requested car sets (first-come, first-served) up to the max possible.

I have not listed the # of cars here–just the people.  If you are one of these people, the cost per car (shipping, etc included) is $1.30.  That means it is $26 for a full set of 20 cars.  Three people requested two sets–that would  be $52.  One asked for a different number…I’ve got that down, too.

For payment, money can be transferred via paypal to thedietzfoundation @ gmail



“David B.”
J Beckman
Jvon Dehy
K Farrington
G Gibbs
M Hiske
J Horger
R Kubala
S Owen
E Rozmierek
K Shapley
E Thompson
D V Ark
S Ward
M Weston
R White
K Whitmore
D Wright