So the Foundation’s first project is officially underway.  It is a game called Three Years of War and it has a Kickstarter campaign going right now.  If you are interested in the campaign and supporting the Foundation, you can right here.

– – – –

I love the game personally–you can play it with any age and no experience is necessary.  If you go to the Kickstarter link up above (the link in the word ‘here’), it has an explanation video and a ton about the game.  It also has great art–which never hurts.  Better still, the guy who designed it for the Foundation (Jay Little), has done some other great games previously.  But the coolest thing about Jay–he actually TEACHES game design at the college level.  It’s a class that touches on everything from graphic arts and presentation to writing skills to how to develop mechanics that match a theme or achieve a certain effect–such as cooperation, probability balance, the works.

I’m hoping over the next three weeks, the game gets funded and we can get it to the factory–and from there in to backer hands (as well as to retailers/game stores).  If I can do a 1,500-sized print run, I’m hoping to have enough money remaining to fund the next two book projects–and endow a scholarship…and get that all done before the end of 2019.

Consider helping the Foundation by supporting the game.  Consider helping with a donation–those go *directly* into the money set aside for scholarships.  It won’t ever get used to manufacture things or pay salaries (I’m not actually interested in salary–this is about doing good things for others!)

With your help, we can do some good stuff, Maynard!