• 1979: Revolution in Iran is a national-level strategic game covering the events leading up to the 1953 coup, the Islamic Revolution and the turbulent period in between. Time to play: 60-180 minutes The game includes a history reference booklet to help inform players of the key figures and events of modern Iranian history. The 2nd ed. includes a new rulebook, edited to incorporate questions asked from the 1st edition.
  • Three Years of War is a card-based game of action drafting and resource management. Through cunning card play, players need to draft the most advantageous actions to claim precious resources from increasingly bleak options. The player who best navigates their faction through this barren and bitter landscape may just have what it takes to survive the war and win the game.
  • Update and revised rules based on questions from players.
  • Kremlin

    Kremlin is a game for 3-6 players competing to control the Soviet Union without knowing exactly who influences the politicians in office currently. The game is for ages 14-up, playable in 75-120 minutes. In its original German edition, Kremlin was a 1987 Spiel des Jahres Recommended pick.
  • A game for 2-6 players (multiple players play as teams) about future conflict in the Indo-Pacific, providing a mix of a regular wargame experience with the fog-of-war and friction found in card-driven boardgames.  Littoral Commander scenarios are playable in anywhere from 1-4 hours.  The game is for ages 14-up.
  • Littoral Commander: Baltic is a game for individuals or teams exploring potential combat in the area around the Baltic Sea in the near future.  The game is easy to learn and scenarios can be played in only 2-3 hours.  It includes all components needed for play as well as multiple scenarios for players to explore.
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    Off with His Head!

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    A card game for 2-6 players, recommended ages 12 and up where players work together to place a figurehead on the throne of France in the 1780s before the Revolution.  Playable in under 45 minutes, OwHH comes with additional cards that can be swapped into the deck for extra challenges for players.
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    A game for 2-5 players where sharks are struggling for survival, trying to eat a varied diet of sea creatures while avoiding ocean pollution and outmaneuvering a boat and rival sharks. Points are scored based on the fish consumed and the game ends when a shark's tummy is full. The game is playable by ages 8-and-up, playable in adult gaming groups, mixed adult-child groups, or by children independently.
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    Supercharged is a game about motor racing in the 1930s for 1-5 players. The system allows for a full grid of cars — not just the players', but also privateers that ran alongside, and usually hindered, the factory teams. Each player controls two racing teams: one in the top category and another slower team unlikely to win, but capable of reaching the podium and ending in the money. That is important since the game's winner is based on money earned. Winning, though, is adjusted based on the level of cars a player selects, so taking the "best" cars may not be the optimal strategy for victory when the car ability bonus is applied.
  • July, 1950. The start of the Korean War and the first battle between Communists and American soldiers, the men of Task Force Smith and the 24th Infantry Division. It was a battle that caught the U.S. Army by surprise, a stinging defeat, forgotten in the mists of history. The Five Days of Osan is a fictional story taking place during the initial battle between Task Force Smith and their communist opponents, a tale of mistakes and incompetence, as well as integrity and courage under impossible circumstances, a tale that hearkens to the Spartans of Thermopylae, where there is victory even in the face of complete defeat.


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