#Maneuver Warfare

by Jim Dietz

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Illinois, United States (US)

Jim Dietz

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#Maneuver Warfare: The Card Game puts modern warfare in your (cargo) pocket. This deck construction-style wargame explores the complexities of war today and tomorrow.  Players build decks from a card arsenal ranging from guerrillas to unmanned underwater vehicles to next-gen fighter aircraft capable of dominating the various areas (‘domains’ in the game) where confrontation will take place.  You can choose a deck heavy on high-tech satellites, hackers, and online influencers or you can focus your efforts on direct action with airmobile forces, armor, and massed artillery.

Victory is not determined by destruction in #MW:TCG instead, victory is determined by “WILL”.  This is your nation’s commitment to the conflict.  Whichever side loses their Will first, the opponent is the victor.  It’s that easy.

Will is drained with every unit you deploy, every action you take, so that players must balance their deployment of forces with the need to react to what your opponent does.   Of course, if you choose to take the time to send Humanitarian Aid, emphasize avoiding civilian casualties, you can gain more support (Will) from the public to continue the fight.

The entire idea of #MW:TCG is to put ‘a clash of wills’ directly onto the tabletop.

#MW:TCG is designed by Ian Brown, a retired U.S. Marine officer with extensive wargaming experience with physical and digital games as well as Professional Military Education (PME).  The game is designed to be just that–a game–but it also is designed to help teach current military members (and civilians working with the military) about the interaction of various systems and concepts in modern/future warfare.

With every preorder (or order!) of #MW:TCG, the Dietz Foundation will set aside $5, putting that directly into our scholarship fund–so that we will be able to endow a scholarship for every 1,000 copies sold.


#Maneuver Warfare is a game for two players, ages 13-and-up.  It plays in less than 60 minutes and requires no components outside of the decks being used for play.

If you make a donation–you will receive your gift (#MW:TCG) once it is available.  We expect that currently to be mid/late-2024.  Production will begin in earnest as soon as we reach our $6,000 goal.

  • Funding Goal Modification

    <p>Just an FYI–the initial goal was $6,000, but with some donations, they are aimed to getting the product published sooner, so we decrease the goal when we receive those–with much thanks to the donors!</p>

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