Littoral Commander: Indo-Pacific


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A game for 2-6 players (multiple players play as teams) about future conflict in the Indo-Pacific, providing a mix of a regular wargame experience with the fog-of-war and friction found in card-driven boardgames.  Littoral Commander scenarios are playable in anywhere from 1-4 hours.  The game is for ages 14-up.

299 in stock

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Littoral Commander: Indo-Pacific (LC) is a 2 to 6-player ‘grand tactical’ wargame which explores the future of warfare. The wargame is designed to be accessible to all levels of players, whether civilian or military, and with no experience with games necessary to play (though it is helpful!). Utilizing a dynamic card-oriented game system, LC offers fast-paced, accessible, and flexible gameplay with plenty of player interaction during turns. LC is not about number-crunching or odds-totaling.  The LC series provides a rich and interactive “intellectual sandbox” for inquisitive minds to explore and engage with the daunting challenges of current and future wartime operations.

The game emphasizes the complex nature of future modern warfare involving air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace forces and is already in use for professional military education with military units across the world.

If you are an institution looking to order in large quantities, please contact us directly.

NOTE: The images provided are from the handmade prototype.  The Dietz Foundation game will use double-sided counters rather than wood blocks; this will permit easier stacking on the board and on task force charts.  It also means no stickers for players to apply!

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  Everything here are the ideas of the designer.  They don’t represent the views of the USMC or the designer’s employer (the Center for Naval Analyses).

And the designer?  Well, he is Sebastian J. Bae!  Bae is a research analyst and game designer, focusing on wargaming, the future of warfare, emerging technologies, and strategy and doctrine. He teaches wargame design courses at Georgetown University and the U.S. Naval Academy.




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