Littoral Commander: The Baltic

Littoral Commander: The Baltic


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Littoral Commander: Baltic is a game for individuals or teams exploring potential combat in the area around the Baltic Sea in the near future.  The game is easy to learn and scenarios can be played in only 2-3 hours.  It includes all components needed for play as well as multiple scenarios for players to explore.

Available on backorder

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Littoral Commander: The Baltic will be the second installment of the Littoral Commander series. The game explores hypothetical conflicts and crises in the Baltic region of Europe. Building on the core Littoral Commander game system, Littoral Commander: The Baltic features new units, such as the Amphibious Ready Group / Marine Expeditionary Unit (ARG MEU), the Multi-Domain Task Force (MDTF), and various types of Russian regiments. Littoral Commander: The Baltic features new mechanics for ground combat, new cards, and amphibious operations. One of the new core mechanics will require players to outfit their ships for a campaign — carefully managing resources and space, but the emphasis on managing all aspects of battle, especially logistics will remain.

If you are an institution or individual desiring multiple copies, please contact the Dietz Foundation directly.

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Littoral Commander: The Baltic is expected to arrive in 2024.  Your pre-order of the game will pay for the art, map creation, and all other aspects of publication.  Updates will be posted on the Foundation’s social media.  In addition, with LC:B, the Dietz Foundation will set aside $10 from every preorder/purchase for our scholarship funds.

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