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Kremlin is a game for 3-6 players competing to control the Soviet Union without knowing exactly who influences the politicians in office currently. The game is for ages 14-up, playable in 75-120 minutes. In its original German edition, Kremlin was a 1987 Spiel des Jahres Recommended pick.


by Jim Dietz

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Jim Dietz

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For this campaign, the Foundation is looking to do a revised version of a classic game: Kremlin.  To do that, we need 500 backers.  The price listed to back the project includes postage.  The lower donation level includes US domestic postage.  The higher pledge level includes international postage costs.  No extra costs will be added on later (and please make sure your total is correct when checking out!).  You pledge an amount–and that’s all you will have to pay later on.  The eventual retail price is projected to be $45-50.

Backing this project will cover production, art creation (with fair pay to the artist!), and shipping.  This is hugely important for the Foundation–your help permits us to use our funds to help schools and other educational organizations–and eventually to help endow scholarships for people seeking to become teachers.

Kremlin is a game for 3-6 players, playable in multiple ways–with fictional politicians, with Bolshevik leaders in the early years of the USSR, or with modern politicians from the modern Soviet era. A Spiel des Jahres Recommended Pick in 1987, Kremlin is considered a gaming and cult classic, the first crossover boardgame from Europe into the American market.

In Kremlin, players secretly assign influence to Soviet politicians who may or may not currently occupy important offices in the Party bureaucracy. To use the levers of power, a player must publicly declare influence on that politician. The catches? First, someone else may reveal they have greater influence and choose to do something else. Second, as long as influence is secret, it can’t be lost, but once it is declared, if the politician finds himself in Siberia or dead, that influence is permanently lost. Wait–I keep the secret influence on a dead guy? Yes, you can, because with the real-life politicians, they have proteges, so the influence carries over (they are the flip side of the card).

Each major office has different power.
PARTY CHIEF: He may rearrange politicians, promoting or demoting them. The Chief also gets to wave at the May Day Parade. That’s important because if a player can live to wave three times, he wins the game.
KGB: The KGB attempts to send politicians to Siberia. It’s hard to do with high-ranking officials, but sometimes, it’s good to sweep aside 5-6 politicians to instill fear in others.
Foreign Minister: Inevitably, the Party Chief will die in office.  The Foreign Ministry controls who will be nominated to replace the Party Chief though she can’t nominate herself…but if two nominations fail, well, then the Foreign Minister will take over–after all, it’s in the USSR’s best interests.
Defense Minister: The Defense Minister investigates politicians for wrong-doing and can bring them to trial if desired.  Or not–sometimes keeping others under investigation for years adds enough stress to their lives that they may have a heart attack on their own.

The lower offices are important, too.  If the senior leaders happen to be confined to the sanatorium or die, they temporarily assume the power of the office above them.

Politician illness or death is determined by a turn-by-turn check of their health based on their current age.  Age is a function of their real-life age on the politician’s card along with the years added on from stress–carrying out/being the subject of investigations, already being ill, surviving KGB purge attempts, being the Party Chief, etc.  The older a politician, the more likely to get sicker or outright die–and if someone is ‘lucky’ enough to turn 96, they retire from the game to enjoy a sunset year or two in a Crimean dacha.

The game will include:
Rules with biographies of Soviet politicians.
Influence counters
Deck of Intrigue cards
Mounted gameboard

Want to check out what the rules are actually like?? Here you go: revised Kremlin Rules from JRG version

Kremlin was originally created by the design house of ‘Fata Morgana’.  This version of the game is done with their permission and blessing.




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    So with teething problems in the module (mostly resolved now), we’ve shown less love to Kremlin than our other current pre-order.

    As an update, we have a backer who is committed to a lot of copies but those aren’t going to get counted on the campaign until they’ve squared things away on their side of things and have an exact total. Once they do, that’ll get included somehow–either on the money so far portion or by us manually reducing the goal of the campaign.

  • art underway / real events

    The v0.5 cover is now the image for preorders and art/layout is underway. The delay in release has basically been to make sure the game is taken as parody/satire of Russian politics rather than an attempt to capitalize on what Ukraine is going through.

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