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A cooperative boardgame for 2-6 players exploring the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s that can also be played solitaire.  The game is for ages 14-up.  It takes 90-120 minutes (some scenarios can be played in 45-50)

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Free at Last is a card-driven boardgame for 2-6 players (that can also be played solo quite easily) that puts the players in the middle of the American South during the Civil Rights Movement from February 1, 1960 going through the summer of 1965.   Each player controls one of the five key civil rights organizations: CORE, NAACP, the LDF, SCLC, SNCC, and if there is a sixth player, they play as the coalition within the US Congress advocating for civil rights.

This is here in the store for people who missed the Kickstarter campaign.  The game is not yet available for shipping; the estimated date of shipping remains August, 2022.

Free at Last will remain in the store for pre-order through June.  It will ‘disappear’ then until all crowdfunding backers (here or on Kickstarter) have had copies mailed to them.  It will return to the store at that point.

When ordering, you will be charged appropriate postage/shipping upon checkout (whether domestic or international).


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