And so it begins…

Well, in one week, the Foundation’s first project will go live on Kickstarter.  It’s a card/board game called “Three Years of War“.  It’s a game for 3-5 people and the theme is the Thirty Years War–but that doesn’t matter much for playing.  Anyone can play.  It’s a great, quick, fun …


Players are stereotypes in a banana republic responsible for voting on graft/corruption as well as whether to overthrow the president. It should not be taken seriously! Teachers should be aware of the stereotypes being parodied.

APBA Baseball (Basic Game)

The value is in the use of the cards. 36 possible results along with the various on-base situations allows calculation of possible results and probabilities. The statistics for likelihood of each on-base situation are researchable. This would work with moderate to high level math classes. Students could recreate player abilities/make their own cards by researching past baseball season stats.


It looks pretty and will have some critical thinking issues: do you press on with exporation or go back and claim your fame and hope no one else finds other, more famous things. Similar to “Source of the Nile” by Avalon Hill.